Press Release 10 March 2010



Among the primary concerns of motorcycle ownership is the risk of a flat tire. This risk makes motorcyclists anxious to ride far, ride at night or at times ride at all. In the event of a flat tire, the motorcyclist would feel paralyzed and vulnerable.  Motorcycles, unlike cars cannot continue to be ridden after a puncture, even for a short distance as the motorcycle will become very unstable. Imagine if this were to happen on the highway, on a trunk road or at night. 

This risk exists only because there has never been such a thing as a “Motorcycle Spare tire”. We have only seen complete wheels being bolted onto some scooters and the like as spare. 

We, at Elcid Technologies have reinvented the wheel !

Hence, there is now a solution. This solution is definitely, faster, easier to install and provides security and confidence to the Motorcyclist. The Motorcyclist doesn't have to dismantle the tire-drive train assembly for just a tire change in "the middle of nowhere”, a rainy situation, heavy traffic or any kind of imaginable situation. He/she doesn’t have to call upon some touts who might rip him/her off for a simple tire change. Neither does he need to risk his life by continuing to ride on a flat tire.  He simply puts his bike on the stand and takes 15 minutes to install a spare tire. This tire will take him as far as he needs to go before requiring a repair or change to his tire. 

This is the patent pending invention from Elcid Technologies: This is the Insta-Spare™.

Objective of Insta-Spare™ :

To wholesomely improve the motorcycle riding experience, increase safety and improve security for all motorcyclists enabling them to have safer and longer journeys with confidence, anytime. The idea is to enable a swift tire change by the motorcyclist in the event of a puncture regardless of tire condition. This will be done in 15 minutes. This concept is imperative for the safety and security of motorcyclists to be able to get back on the road the soonest possible.

What is Insta-Spare™ ?

Insta-Spare™ is a affordable, Portable, Lightweight, Spare Tire for motorcycles and light Vehicles, primarily for mopeds at this moment. Later, the range will be expanded to all types of motorcycles. Insta-Spare™ will be stored in the motorcycle itself in a non-obtrusive way.

Insta-Spare™ is assembled by segments right over the flat tire, without the need to dismantle it.

Insta-Spare™ is in the commercialization and testing stage and should hit the market very soon. A launch is planned in July 2010. 

Advantage of Insta-Spare™  

-          Non pneumatic technology, no need to maintain tire pressure.
-          Fits over the flat tire.-          No removal of flat tire required.
-          Assembles in just 15 minutes.
-          Can last up to an accumulated 1000kms
-          Can be reused multiple times.
-          Made of light, high tensile strength material.
-          Can be used with pillion on board.
-          Can be used with any rim design as long as diameter is compatible.